Sessions should fall under one of the identified scientific themes and focus on current and emerging issues on Quaternary Sciences. Sessions devoted to exploring the contribution that Quaternary research plays in different societal challenges (paleoclimate, environmental changes, human impact, geohazards, and georesources) are very welcome.

Session proposals should include a clear and concise session title (max 150 characters including spaces) and descriptions (max 1,500 characters, including spaces). A simplified description for non-specialists (to be used for outreach) is also requested (max 1000 characters including spaces). Sessions will be minimum of 7 oral presentations plus posters; among them a session keynote (double time allowed) will be selected by session conveners.

Session proposals must be submitted online by March 31, 2022. Each submission will be reviewed by the organizing and scientific committees. You will receive a status report on your submission by mid-December 2022. The organizing committee reserves the possibility to cancel or merge sessions if a number of abstracts will not be sufficient. The overall session program will be finalized by March 2023.

Session proposals should be submitted:
– through the online Session Proposal Form.
– filling the Session Proposal Form and sending to